What Is A Transvaginal Ultrasound? Understanding The Purpose and Procedure

It can be a daunting experience should your doctor ask you to go for a transvaginal ultrasound during pregnancy. In this post, we take a look at the procedure and understand what’s involved.

If for some reason your doctor would like an early ultrasound scan, chances are that you’ll be asked to undergo a transvaginal scan procedure.

Like all ultrasound scans, you’ll need a full bladder to properly check the baby.

What’s Involved?

A special transducer covered in a condom with lubricant will be inserted through your vagina, don’t worry, this procedure is painless.

Why Is A Transvaginal Ultrasound Scan Needed?

Apart from confirmation of pregnancy, s transvaginal ultrasound can also rule out existing conditions such as abnormal growths or disorders of the pelvic organs. It’s important that these are determined and detected early.

When It Is Needed

A transvaginal ultrasound will help visualize the early development of your pregnancy, particularly the gestational sac. This is seen as earliest as four weeks, but don’t worry if you don’t see anything yet. Usually, thickening of the uterus is visualized at this point.

Post Scan

Some women report feeling slightly sore after a transvaginal scan but this usually goes away within a few hours.

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