Ring Slings vs Wraps

If you’ve ever searched for baby carriers on Amazon, you’ll no doubt have seen for yourself just how many products there are available allowing you to carry your little one in an almost endless number of ways.

While soft-structured carriers remain a popular choice for many parents, sometime you just need a lightweight option to pack in your car or in the changing bag. This has seen both ring slings and wraps rise in popularity over the last few years.

In this post, we compare put the ring sling vs wrap and list out the pros and cons for each.

Ring Slings

A ring sling is made up of a single sheet of material that’s pushed through the rings to create a secure place for your baby.

Baby lays close to your torso which makes them a popular choice for those mommas who breastfeed.

Why We Love Ring Slings

  • Ring sligns are much easier that wraps to get on and off.
  • A ring sling allow you to be hands free, letting you get on with chores or read.
  • They are super cheap. While there are premium slings available, you can make your own for just a few dollars.
  • Taking up little space, they are easy to pack into a changing bag.
  • Baby sits in an upright position that’s extremely beneficial if you’re little one has colic.
  • Promotes bonding with baby
  • Ideal for those moms who are breastfeeding

Keep In Mind

  • Even the best ring slings can cause shoulder and neck pain with prolonged use.
  • They are only really suitable for newborns and small babies.
  • They lack proper support
  • If not positioned correctly, the ring can dig into your skin.
  • Probably not the best choice for wriggly babies.
  • Can’t always be worn by plus size ladies.


Just like the sling, a wrap is made up of a large piece of fabric which you wrap in a way that swaddles baby, keeping them close. Many mommas recommend wraps to help comfort baby as the swaddled position combined with baby feeling your warmth and heart beat has a fantastic soothing and calming effect.Unlike slings that put the majority of babies weight through your shoulders and neck, a wrap helps evenly distribute the weight meaning you can wear them for extended periods of time without any aches or pains.

Why We Love Wraps

  • With many ways to tie a wrap, you can find a comfortable position to suit you and your little one.
  • They provide great support so don’t cause your neck or back to ache with prolonged use.
  • Perfect for plus size mommas as they fit your body shape.
  • Have been used to carry babies for thousands of years.

Keep In Mind

  • They can be super complicated to tie the first few times.
  • Not ideal for bigger infants

Which Is Best For Newborns?

Both ring slings and wraps have good points and bad. What we tend to find when looking at the ring slings vs wraps debate is that for shorter carry sessions where you need both hands free then a ring sling is a natural choice. However, if you’re thinking about venturing slightly further and need something that’s going to give you a little extra support then a baby wrap is the best choice.

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