A Realistic Postpartum Recovery Timeline

Over the last nine months, your body has gone through one heck of an adventure. Now you’ve just gone through what is essentially a massive trauma so it’s only natural that you might be sitting there wondering what a normal postpartum recovery timeline looks like.

Congratulations momma, after all these weeks, your little one is finally here.

It may have been a breeze or it might have been difficult, you may have been in labour for hours or you may have been in labor for days.

Regardless of if you had a natural birth or a c-section, your baby is here now and while it’s tempting to power on looking after little one, it important that during these early weeks you find time to let your body recover.

Postpartum recovery timeline

If you’re looking for an exact recovery timeline then unfortunately, this doesn’t exist!

While baby development is something that should happen on a pretty fixed schedule, your body is on it’s own when it comes to recovering from giving birth.

For examlpe, recovery time for a c section can take upto three months to be fully on your feet again.

Recovering from childbirth isn’t something that’s going to happen over night, in fact it can take months before your body is fully recovered from the experience.

While most women feel better within six to eight weeks, it’s not uncommon to still be feeling out of sorts twelve weeks after giving birth.

As newborns sleep pattern, you can’t force the things, you just have to let nature take its course and recover in its own time.

A good, consistent routine goes a long way to helping with your recovery.

After giving birth, your hormones will be all over, up and down on a seemingly hourly basis. If you’ve always been a rational person, during this time, you’re going to be making more and more emotional decisions.

It’s an interesting time but remember momma, this is a completely natural part of your postpartum recovery timeline.

Your Going To Start To Feel Better

It sounds like an odd thing to say but it’s easy to forget that your baby took the best part of a year to grow and during those nine months, your body went through immense change.

Thankfully, you’re recovery shouldn’t take that long, take comfort in knowing that just as everyday baby grew and developed, during your recovery, everyday your body is going to feel a little better (even if it sometimes doesn’t feel like it).

How To Speed Up Postpartum recovery time

While there’s not an awful lot that you can do to speed up your recovery, the three things that can have the biggest impact are:

  • Sleep
  • Rest
  • Eating well

Unfortunately, these are the three things that tend to suffer when you bring your newborn home.

If daddy or family member can take a few shifts with baby to allow you to get some sleep then this will certainly go a long way to helping you on your way back to 100% health.

Make Sure That You Don’t Over-do It

As you feel better in yourself, you’ll gain a confidence that you can do more.

For example, within a few after giving birth, you should be able to drive but it’s important during this stage that you don’t over-do it.

Pushing yourself too hard or trying to do too much can set you back in your recovery efforts which will not only impact you, but it will have a knock on effect on your newborn too.

This is particularly important if you’ve had a C-Section. Your doctor will have given you a list of the things that you can and can’t do during c-section recovery time.

These might include:

  • No driving,
  • No climbing stairs
  • Only lifting your baby – nothing else

Time’s a great healer

During out troubled and traumatic teenage years, my own momma use to say that time’s a great healer and while she was no doubt talking about heartbreak at the time, the same is true after you’ve given birth.

A fixed postpartum recovery timeline doesn’t exist, with enough rest, sleep and nutrient rich food your body will begin to feel better, you just have to give it time.

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